Winter Preparation for the Home

Prepare for winter now so you don't pay for it later!

With these beautiful fall days it’s hard to believe that brutal winter weather will soon be here.  It’s important to take the time to prepare your home for winter now in order to prevent costly and difficult repairs during the winter months.  Prepare now so you don’t pay for it later!   

Furnace Inspection
Heating systems can run constantly throughout the winter season. Have a qualified heating technician inspect your furnace and perform any required maintenance before you turn on your heat for the first time this winter. Remember to clean your filters monthly to help your furnace run more efficiently and improve airflow.  This can save you energy and prevent a high heating bill.

Lakes of Boulder Ridge Video Tour Featuring The Brentwood

Luxurious duplex and single family homes in a country club environment.

Welcome to the Brentwood model in the Lakes of Boulder Ridge community!  This community is located in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. It is beautifully situated along the private Boulder Ridge Golf Course. This community offers a variety of luxurious, maintenance-free ranch homes. The homes range from 1,700 square feet to more than 2,500 square feet and offer 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 to 3 baths and elegant finishes throughout! 
Enjoy the video tour below: 

Plants for Stunning Fall Color

With some planning you can enjoy fall color in the garden.
With a little planning you can enjoy an amazing display of botanical fireworks in your front yard this fall. Start by clearing out declining summer annuals and trimming back leggy and faded perennials. Once your yard is well groomed you can make a clear plan about the size and quantity of plants you will need to give your landscape a boost with gorgeous fall color.

Water Conservation Tips

Small changes can make a big impact in saving water.

The first step to cut water waste is to fix any water leaks.  Over a one year period, leaky faucets and toilets in the home waste approximately 10,000 gallons per year.  That’s enough water to fill a swimming pool!  That adds up to significant water waste and higher utility costs.  Take action and use the following tips to do your part and conserve water inside and outside the home.

Cliffs of Fontana Video Tour

Ranch homes with elegant finishes throughout.
The Cliffs of Fontana is a charming hillside community featuring 66 single family home sites just a stone's throw from the pristine shores of Geneva Lake and Fontana's square which boast unique shops and boutiques as well as year round recreation and festivals.
Enjoy the video tour below!

Father's Day Fun

Give Dad a fun experience this Father's Day

We love Dad with all our hearts, but he sure can be one tough customer to buy a gift for. If finding the right "thing" for your husband or father seems like an impossible task, maybe giving him a fun experience will help express your love and appreciation for all he does.

Creating Beautiful Container Gardens

Add warmth and charm to your home with container gardens.

Spring is finally here!  It’s time to start planning your container gardens.  They can be placed on your patio, porch, or front steps and bring warmth and beauty to your home. There are many ways to mix and match plants for the perfect planter.  It’s time to start planning!  Use the following tips, get creative and have some fun.