Unique Gifts and Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day

Give her a gift that's as special as she is.

Every year you worry over finding a great gift for Mother's Day. Whether you're shopping for Mom or the mother of your children, you want to find something that's as special as she is--something that shows your appreciation for all she does. But what does Mom really want? Chances are the gift of her dreams is one of two things: 1. A break from all her responsibilities. 2. More quality time with her family. And if you can find a way to give her both those things at once, you'll be the child or partner of the year!

The Independent Mom

If you've got a mom who values her alone time, select gifts that encourage her to do something for herself.

A stylish new travel bag filled with travel magazines, a foreign-language dictionary, a refillable water bottle and a few snacks for the road. Even if she can't get on a plane just yet, a gift like this will encourage some great future plans. Want to budget up? Book a weekend at a nearby hot spot for Mom and her best friend--bonus points if that's you!

A day of golf. For golf enthusiasts, a peaceful day on the links with no one or nothing else to worry about is practically a divine experience. Include dinner at the club--with or without the family-- as part of the package.

Ahhh, spa day! There's nothing like a gift of pampering to tell Mom you love her. Spa services are more affordable than you might think, from a simple pedicure to a head-to-toe luxury package.

The gift of pampering.

The Can't-Get-Enough-Of-You Mom

She just wants a nice day with her family, is that so hard? Of course, she also wants something wrapped up in a pretty bow. Give her both.

If the mom in your life truly enjoys cooking and is constantly trying to up her culinary game, show your appreciation with a new set of chef's knives or the latest kitchen gadget endorsed by her favorite celebrity chef. But don't stop there. Sign the two of you up for cooking classes and turn food into a bonding experience.

Who wouldn't love a beautiful, old fashioned picnic basket filled with a delicious array of foods all ready to go? Make this gift complete by planning a family outing where Mom's only job is to enjoy time with the family and the wonderful picnic lunch they've prepared.

Mother's Day brunches and dinners are a fine tradition, but what about a Mother's Day Game Day? Wrap up a new board game for Mom and invite family and friends over for a fun and casual Mother's Day potluck and game-a-palooza. Don't forget to take care of the clean-up!

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