Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape

The rich colors of autumn make even the least creative people want to decorate their homes to reflect nature's show. And the most creative people? Well, they pull out all the stops when the crisp scent of fall fills the air. No matter how your DIY skills measure up, following these basic steps for building a tablescape will make your home look like a page out of a magazine, a fall issue, of course.

Every tablescape needs a foundation to anchor and bring continuity to a collection of seasonal accessories. Table runners are the perfect foundation and traditional cloth runners are versatile and easy to find. But unexpected materials can turn your tablescape from beautiful to BEAUTIFUL. Ideas for unusual foundations include:

  • A vintage cutting board (or collection of them)
  • A weathered fence board
  • A length of burlap
  • A collection of real or paper leaves glued onto brown craft paper
  • Textured material such as corduroy or velvet
  • Wooden picture frames with construction paper in fall hues placed into the frame

With such a riot of autumnal colors to choose from it can be difficult to decide on a color story for your tablescape. Go ahead, throw every color from the fall landscape into your decor. It will look as fun and festive inside as it does outside. But if you want a look that's a bit more on the sophisticated side, try working with just three colors, or less, at a time. For trios, choose at least one neutral shade such as natural brown, and sprinkle in one or two more brilliant colors for affect.

Tablescapes made up of several shades of the same color are the definition of chic. If an all-red design sounds boring, imagine this: scarlet, crimson, pomegranate, cherry, ruby, rust, terra cotta, Tuscan red, brick, auburn, rose and wine all nestled together. With so many possibilities in just one color your tablescape will look abundant and sophisticated at the same time.

Don't forget to stagger the heights of your tablescape accessories. Symmetrical and asymmetrical designs are more interesting when they fluctuate in height. To help create variety, hide a sturdy box or platform under a color-coordinated napkin or doily to give specific items lift as needed.

Keep it Natural
As you gather the accessories for your fall tablescape, try to keep it as natural as possible. After all, the abundance of nature is the inspiration for fall decor. Soon enough it will be time to get out the glitz and glitter and twinkling lights, but for now nothing could be more seasonal than an antique bowl filled with acorns and vase full of fall-colored flowers. 

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