5 Fun Summertime Party Themes

Have some fun with summertime entertaining themes.

Barbecues and tropical luaus are classic themes when it comes to summertime parties, but your summer entertaining can lead the way in creativity if you think outside the party box. Consider these five ideas to inspire originality in your backyard soirees this year.

1.  The Best Burger Competition 
Invite your most competitive friends over for a cooking competition. The theme? Why, the classic hamburger, of course. You can provide the side dishes, the paper goods and the trophies, and let your friends take over the kitchen or grill to strut their stuff for the ultimate summer bragging rights.

2.  Lemonade Stand 
Let the refreshing burst of lemons inspire your summer party, and all your guests will pucker up with kisses of thanks. Serve a selection of lemonades flavored with fresh strawberries, sprigs of lavender or a splash of fruit juice, and use those kid-friendly drinks as a base for more adult refreshments. Lemon chicken cooked on the grill, lemony pasta dishes or Mediterranean recipes that feature preserved lemons are just a few of the items to include on your menu. Nostalgic décor that evokes memories of a childhood lemonade stand are inexpensive and easy.

3.  Brunch on the Patio 
Most people think of dinner outdoors when they think of summer parties, but there’s no reason you can’t throw an elegant outdoor brunch instead. Serve finger foods like mini-quiches and bite-sized pastries to match the laid back outdoor vibe. And don’t forget the mimosas, nothing says brunch like a splash of champagne in the morning!

4.  Camping Out 
If you’ve got a dedicated fire pit or any safe place to build a small campfire in your backyard, you’ve got the most essential element of a camping-themed summer party. With a few details you can specialize a camp-out party for children, adults or families. Throwing a family party? Make sure there are plenty of marshmallows for traditional s’mores. Or cater to a grown-up crowd with a bratwurst casserole and s’mores-inspired dessert. Keep décor rustic with camp chairs, drinks chilling in a cooler and plenty of blankets on the ground for stargazing.

5.  Watermelon Red 
Don’t just serve watermelon at your party—wear it! Encourage your guests to show up in watermelon-themed clothing, hats and accessories. Give prizes for the most creative costume and don’t forget to have a special award for the winner of the watermelon seed-spitting contest. Décor should be juicy and red, of course. Serve watermelon margaritas (with and without alcohol) and plenty of fresh melon cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

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