Labor Day Menu and Entertaining Ideas

Keep it stress-free and casual.

With midsummer behind us, Labor Day is not far away. Start planning your entertainment menu now to give summer the farewell send-off it deserves. Start brainstorming now with our ideas for Labor Day entertaining. 

Labor Day Entertainment Ideas

Above all, Labor Day entertainment should be stress-free, so keep things easy and light. Prepare a casual online invitation and email it out to your friends and relatives. 

Stock up on disposables, like colorful paper plates and paper napkins. There's no need to get fancy with the decorations either. Scatter mason jars filled with tea lights or flowers throughout the party for a simple yet sweet party decoration. 

Put out lawn games so that guests can entertain themselves with backyard jenga, cornhole, badminton, croquet and other low-maintenance favorites. 

End the evening with a bonfire to transition to fall and gather round and socialize with all your nearest and dearest. 

Set out lawn games for entertainment.

Labor Day Menu Ideas

If you want to give your grill one last hurrah, this is the perfect excuse. Try grilled burgers and late-summer corn with summer watermelon for dessert. It's easy, no fuss, and sure to impress. Play it conventional with beef burgers or think outside the box with veggie burgers, turkey burgers, or lamb burgers. Upgrade this one by making your own pickles, mustard, and relish; if you're short on time but want to impress, pick up premium products. 

If you are looking ahead to fall instead, but still want to grill, try pizza. Pizza on the grill is easy and fun! Make your own pizza dough, or visit your favorite pizza shop and purchase their dough. Then put out an array of toppings so that guests can choose which toppings they would like to put on their pies. Follow up a pizza dinner with an ice cream sundae bar featuring late-summer fruit toppings, or make popsicles from late fall melons and berries. 

Fresh fruit makes an easy side or dessert.

Vegetable and meat kebabs are another simple option for late summer parties. Think ahead by marinating cubed meat for several hours beforehand. Throw diced mushrooms, peppers, onions, zucchini, and tomatoes on skewers to accompany the meat. If you need another option, grill corn and serve it alongside the meat and vegetable kebabs. Make this option vegetarian friendly by offering skewers of tofu or tempeh. For dessert, try a homemade or store-bought fruit pie with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. 

No-fuss sides showcase all the produce of fall and offer picky guests more of a choice. Get creative with a pasta or grain salad by adding braised greens, grilled late-summer veggies, and fresh herbs and spices. 

Are you hosting a Labor Day get together? If so, what are you currently planning to serve your guests?

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