Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Start by sorting into keep, sell/donate and trash piles.

Spring is the perfect time to clean out and organize your garage!  The garage can be a catch-all filled with things you've forgotten about and don't want or need.  If your garage is busting at the seams, use the following tips to clear the clutter and maybe even make room for a car.

Start Separating
Separate everything into 3 categories: keep, sell/donate, trash. Don't start by looking through boxes and picking out individual items, it slows down the process and can be overwhelming. The goal is to empty the garage so take things out onto the driveway or yard as you work.  When the garage is empty take a load of trash to the landfill, or prearrange for a service to pick it up, and get those donations dropped off as quickly as possible.

Clean and Repair
Take advantage of the empty garage and clean the space from top to bottom. Now's the time to spread some cat litter on those oil stains and sweep the cobwebs from the corners. It's also a good time to repair and seal any cracks in concrete floor.  

Pile It Up
Your garage has loads of storage space, just look up!  Vertical storage supplies such as pegboards, overhead systems, hanging shelves and mesh organizers are more functional than stacking plastic containers to the roof.  Create storage zones for sporting equipment, toys, tools, etc.

Start sorting through the "keep" pile. Place items in their designated zone.  Don't worry about perfect organization until all the items you're keeping have been placed in the appropriate area. Once the keep pile is dispersed it's time to begin fine tuning. Work in one zone at a time until everything is neatly organized and you'll have a garage your neighbors will envy!

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