Tips to Lower Utility Bills This Winter

Simple changes can add to great savings.

Baby it's cold outside!  Welcome to winter when shorter days and low temperatures can bring higher utility costs.  Fortunately, there are some relatively simple things you can do to help save energy and money this winter.

Home heating
  • Have furnace inspected to make sure it’s running safely and efficiently
  • Change out air-filters at least once a month to ensure efficient air flow
  • Lower thermostat at night and during the day while at work
  • Consider buying a programmable thermostat for consistency
  • Keep window blinds open during the day to absorb sun’s heat
  • Close window blinds at night to keep in warmth
  • Use plastic window film, caulk or weather-stripping on drafty windows
  • Change ceiling fan rotation clockwise to trap heat inside and keep rooms warmer 

  • Switch to CFL or LED bulbs which use less energy than incandescent light bulbs
  • Simply remember to always turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Install a timer or motion sensor on outdoor lights and in seldom used rooms 

  • Use dishwasher and washing machine when full
  • Use cold water setting on washing machine to reduce energy use by 75 percent
  • Clean lint from clothes dryer after each use for safety and efficiency
  • Consider upgrading to Energy Star models

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